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The results of a major program to support the social integration of Third Country Nationals (immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers) in Limassol, show the Limassol Municipality and its partners, tomorrow Friday, January 20, 2017 at 24:00 at the Municipal Hall.

The “Limassol: A City, the whole world!”, Which is annual and completed these days, achieved its targets for a significant number, over 300 third-country nationals who live and work legally in the Limassol district. Action is co-funded by the EU and the Republic of Cyprus.

The results will be presented at a press conference with the participation of Mayor of Limassol Nicos Nicolaides, the Head of Unit European Funds Constantinos Kyprianou and Mayors St. Athanasios and Germasogeia In Neighborhood.

The Municipality and its partners have implemented a large number of activities to benefit the nationals of third countries, such as training and education programs, social support and social orientation programs, development operations of acceptance and feeling intercultural events and festivals.

The Limassol residents had the opportunity to meet, learn and interact with TCN in order to gain a better understanding about the need to organize legal immigration to Cyprus and preventing social exclusion.

The program responds to a central objective of the Limassol Municipality to highlight the character of the city as a multicultural, non-discriminatory, a city that understands the need and put into practice the harmonious coexistence of different people and cultures.

The program is particularly successful and will be renewed for another year.

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