Press conference for the completion of the program

“Limassol, A City All the World

Mr. Nikos Nikolaidis


Colleagues Mayors and partners,

Mr Kyprianou, Head of the Unit for European Funds

dear Mr. Triki, President of the Committee of the Limassol Municipality for

European Affairs

Ms. Municipal Secretary, project leader, and colleagues at the Municipal Service

dear media representatives

I am very pleased that the first few weeks of taking the town hall welcome an important co-funded project implemented by the Limassol Municipality successfully for three consecutive years.

This is a project funded by the European Fund for Asylum, Immigration and Integration and the Republic of Cyprus, with an annual budget of 170 000 euro and in supporting the integration process of third, ie migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

The work done by the Local Authorities in Cyprus on integration is crucial to ensure social cohesion, the contact, the contact and the interaction of the local population with Third Countries Nationals. The integration involves a series of actions and measures which are based on the fundamental principles of human rights, mutual respect, fostering a society of coexistence and multiculturalism.

It is by nature an effort that wants to combat stereotypes, prejudices and xenophobic feelings.

We are proud as our Limassolians why the municipality is the head, the final beneficiary of a project together with partners other municipalities, covering the whole Limassol district.

We are doubly proud because Limassol help to foster the culture of tolerance, respect for diversity. It is not accidental the title of the program: Limassol a city the whole world!

Today, three years experience in the implementation of the program – and I having the baton of Dimardchias, we feel satisfaction because we have managed to open the Limassol Municipality, implementing an integrated service offering context and activities bring Third Countries Nationals closer to our citizens, together with the host society.

Sharing experiences and our culture.

We give the opportunity to the immigrants and refugees who legally live and work in Cyprus, to get to know our culture and learn our way of life, rights and obligations as all residents.

We offer services to immigrants and refugees for their basic needs.

We practice respect, acceptance of diversity.

With this comprehensive program, alleviate difficulties that migrants and refugees particularly in the early stages of their everyday life in an unknown place for them.

Dear friends, dear friends,

Limassol has always been the port of the sun that housed different people and cultures. Multiculturalism is one of our strengths is part of our identity.

I congratulate them in the work and was very pleased to inform you that our action is one of the most successful with tangible results. That is why it will be renewed for another year with a budget of EUR 187,000, ie even larger than before.

Thank you all


“Limassol: A City, the whole world!”


The results of a major program to support the social integration of Third Country Nationals (immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers) in Limassol, show the Limassol Municipality and its partners, tomorrow Friday, January 20, 2017 at 24:00 at the Municipal Hall.

The “Limassol: A City, the whole world!”, Which is annual and completed these days, achieved its targets for a significant number, over 300 third-country nationals who live and work legally in the Limassol district. Action is co-funded by the EU and the Republic of Cyprus.

The results will be presented at a press conference with the participation of Mayor of Limassol Nicos Nicolaides, the Head of Unit European Funds Constantinos Kyprianou and Mayors St. Athanasios and Germasogeia In Neighborhood.

The Municipality and its partners have implemented a large number of activities to benefit the nationals of third countries, such as training and education programs, social support and social orientation programs, development operations of acceptance and feeling intercultural events and festivals.

The Limassol residents had the opportunity to meet, learn and interact with TCN in order to gain a better understanding about the need to organize legal immigration to Cyprus and preventing social exclusion.

The program responds to a central objective of the Limassol Municipality to highlight the character of the city as a multicultural, non-discriminatory, a city that understands the need and put into practice the harmonious coexistence of different people and cultures.

The program is particularly successful and will be renewed for another year.

The Municipality renews the Grant Agreement for the continued integration programs of Third Countries to use European funds


With the support of the European Asylum Fund, Integration and Immigration and Cyprus Limassol Municipality continues to implement integration programs aimed at integrating third country nationals (TCNs) in the local community.

The renewal of the Grant Agreement of the project titled “Integration Programs by Local Authorities” was signed today at the offices of the Unit for European Funds, the Head of the Unit Mr. Konstantinos Kyprianou, on behalf of the Responsible Authority and the Municipal Secretary of Limassol Ms. Georgoulla Municipality Leonidas, by the Final Beneficiary.

The overall project objective is to support the integration process of TCNs in Cypriot society, improving social integration ability, cohesion and socialization and prevent social exclusion. Participation of Local Authorities is considered important in the design and implementation of integration policies of immigrants in the host society, both to achieve social cohesion and to prevent social exclusion and marginalization.

The Municipality, being a multicultural city, implements for years TCN integration programs through the utilization of European funds. Effective implementation and absorption of funds was the basis for the design of measures and actions of the work initiated by the current signature. The new project will be implemented by the Final Beneficiary Municipality of Limassol and partners Municipality of Saint Athanasios, Yermasoyia Municipality, Municipality Through Neighborhood, Neighborhood Through the ATC and Opinion & Action Services Ltd.

The renewed agreement, with implementation period of one (1) year and the right of renewal, including, among others, actions aiming at the interaction and information sharing of the local community with TCN through creative and recreational activities, and accepting a sense of development actions and understanding of diversity and tackling racism and discrimination. Cofinanced is also training and education programs aimed at developing the skills that will help both of TCNs in their daily lives and in their personal and professional development, and to overcome any problems they encounter. Social support programs implemented under the project, designed to serve and facilitate the daily lives of children and parents TCN.

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